January is National Train Your Dog Month

Did you know that January is National Train Your Dog Month?

Many people chose to make New Year’s Resolutions:

  • getting in shape
  • becoming more fiscally responsible
  • adhering to a stricter sleep schedule

My new year challenge to you is… to train your dog!

National Train Your Dog Month was started by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in 2010. The goal is to raise awareness for how important it is to properly train and socialize your dog.

Why January?

Over the Holidays many people with good intentions adopt or buy a fur baby. Often not realizing how much work they can be.  Statistically, many dogs adopted or bought in December are brought to a shelter by the end of January or February. Why? Frequently, it is because the owner doesn’t know how to or know where to begin to train their dog. Now, I highly doubt these individuals start out with even the slightest thought of ever taking giving these dogs back. However, after the holidays, when the daily tolls of life start to reintroduce themselves, and the dog’s behavior starts to interfere with one’s ability to live as before, that tough choice to bring back the dog seems to be the only possibility.

Sometimes, if not properly trained, a dog will become a barker. Dogs may also nip at children, or tear stuff up in the house. In these instances, some folks opt to return the dog, because they don’t know how to manage the dog’s behavior.

Unfortunately, the dog doesn’t know any better, and if they haven’t been trained, this behavior can become unmanageable. Training is an instrumental part to addressing this behavior.

Punishing the dog (putting them in a crate, yelling, or applying a shock collar) doesn’t address the root cause of the behavior. When the new owner can’t take it anymore, they often will bring the dog to a shelter. Now you have a confused dog who doesn’t understand what is happening.

Therefore, January is the perfect fit for National Train Your Dog Month. It is a great reminder to those who own dogs that getting a dog isn’t all puppy and cuteness. A dog needs consistent and positive training, mixed with tons of love and patience.

Call Bark Busters! We’re here to help!

At Bark Busters, we don’t rely on harsh punishments, treats, or gimmicks. No pain with a shock or “vibrate” collar. Our goal is to equip you with the understanding and awareness you need to be an effective pack leader.

Once your dog views you as the leader, usually their bad behaviors and decisions will start to subside. You will have a relaxed and calmer dog.  Social structure is part of a dog’s DNA. So, start training your dog right away so you set expectations and leadership. Will your dog mess up from time to time? Of course! But don’t we all?

Dog’s need love and patience. Create a safe and comfortable environment for your fur baby! Accept the January train your dog challenge. Contact Bark Busters today!

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