Having a Dog is a privilege AND a Responsibility

Having a dog is a joy, a privilege, AND a responsibility. Like having a child, being a responsible pawrent is a commitment. It takes a considerable amount of time and energy. If you are considering becoming a pawrent, think seriously about the obligation and your ability to take on the responsibility.

Dogs take a lot of time, money, and commitment – over 15 years’ worth, in many instances. Dogs are pack animals, and you are part of their pack. They are companion animals and cannot be ignored just because you’re busy or too tired to deal with them. Dogs require a lot of care, which includes training, feeding, exercise, socializing, patience, bathing, and more!

Before getting a dog, consider this:

Recognize the commitment you are about to make. Seriously evaluate your lifestyle and make an honest assessment. Make sure your family and your life style are ready for the time and financial commitment of responsible pet ownership.

Based on your evaluation, do some research and put some thought and time into considering:

  1. what qualities do you want in a dog? Consider size, energy level, grooming needs, trainability, and temperament.
  2. if you rent an apartment, are there restrictions on height, weight, or breed?
  3. if you own a home, is it dog/pet friendly and ready?

Answer these questions now, because once you bring a dog home, it can be heartbreaking to realize you made the wrong choice.

Consider Age!

Puppies are so cute and adorable BUT, they are NOT for everyone. The time, energy and financial commitment of a puppy can differ greatly from that of getting an older dog. Checkout your local rescue shelters and seriously consider rescuing an older dog. Then decide if you want to be a pawrent of a puppy.


Getting a dog is for life. Depending on the breed, that’s a time commitment of anywhere from seven to sixteen or more years. You must be prepared to adapt as life circumstances change for you AND for your dog.


According to the ASPCA, average costs for regular dog care are between around $600 to $900 per year. This does not include any extras like emergency treatment, or special medications or diets.


You need to take your dog to the vet at least once a year for a wellness exam. Twice a year once they become a senior. Care includes making sure your dog has vaccinations and preventive treatment (against fleas, ticks, parasites, and so on). As well as any temporary treatment recommended by her vet.

Be Prepared

Another aspect of care is emergency preparedness. Be prepared for emergencies in both your life AND your dogs. Life happens and when it does you’ll need to have a plan. A plan that includes one for you, your family, and your dog. Your plan should consider family emergencies, vacations, fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.

Take Control

GET training for your dog. Review my website to learn more about Bark Busters’ training methods and take the Bark Busters’ FREE Behavioral Assessment.

Further, make sure that all your dogs have ID tags and microchips. Also make sure their license and registration information is always up to date. Every client that books a lesson with Bark Busters gets a FREE WAGGTAGG™. WaggTagg™ is a new way to find your dog if he/she goes missing. This is FREE service for our clients but can also be purchased in the USA and Canada. When someone finds your dog, YOU control how the finder contacts you from your WaggTagg™ account

Control also means having your dogs spayed and neutered. Which will help reduce the number of unwanted strays and shelter animals. It also keeps them healthier and calmer in the long run.

Our dogs can have an impact on people outside of our household too. Always do your best to make sure they don’t become “that dog” that everyone in the neighborhood dreads. This means training your dog to not bark or whine incessantly when left alone. Also, making sure your home and yard are secure to keep him from escaping. Read my LinkedIn article Creating a Dog Friendly Back Yard to learn more.

Lastly, consideration means dogs should be properly socialized and trained. Always keep your dog on a leash when you’re out in public with them. Remember you always need to be prepared to pick up their poop when on walks or outside in general.

Our pets are a part of our family. We owe it to them to take full responsibility in order to make our lives together enjoyable for everyone; pets and humans alike.

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